Saturday, June 11, 2005

sos - live in tokyo -personnel

Had a few queries regarding the line-up of the band on this recording and, since the liner notes are a somewhat sparse - well, non-existent actually, I thought I'd clarify a little;

Corinne is, of course, on lead vocals - ably assisted by the wonderful Dee Clay. I'm on keys, Tim Cansfield saves the day many times over with his stellar guitar work, Juneroi, as always, is on bass. Tim and I are responsible for the 'what-we-lack-in-technique-we-make-up-for-in-enthusiasm' male vocal parts. Chris Bailey is on drums, and the inimitable Ms Jody Linscott bangs the hell out of congas, percussion, children's toys, and just about anything else that stays still long enough - she's a mean kalimba player too...


At 12:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Andy! Again, it sounds divine!

And it's really wonderful to hear Tim Cansfield on guitar as always, he belongs to the band by now, doesn't he!

At 12:05 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Bjorn - Tim belongs to the world, we're not possessive - although the band really becomes the band when he's around...

At 12:08 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Wilco - thanks for the compliment. And yes, I'm sure by the time we get the commercial release finalised it'll feature all the things you suggest...

At 8:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andy!

Don't hurt your hands shipping all those CD's out to the USA - now maybe we'll get you guys back to Cleveland more than once every 11 years! Hope you are doing great and will be back on the road again soon. I've ordered the new CD and can't wait to receive it...Rick

At 2:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the phenomenal show in Alexandria, Virginia. What an entertainment package: cool jazz, Great oldys, SOS favorites, a splash of reggae, and an extended "breakout". SOS really rocked the house (400+ easy). What more can you ask for in a road show? Celeine Dion's spot in Vegas may be opening soon, you should check it out!! :>

Come back to Virgina soon, bring Andy next time!! I'll bring friends!

Mike and Colette Hokana
Stafford, Virginia, USA

At 3:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I timed out three times trying to buy the CD will try again later.

Mike, Stafford, USA

At 6:31 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy, thanks for the speedy service - arrived in Australia( yes you have a few fans here!)in less than a week form the order date - quicker than Amazon, how the hell do you do it ?!

It's a sublime, mature sound and credit to your collective brilliance. Jamie

At 5:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Used a differnt commputer and address and "timed out" for the fourth time. I will follow your instructions or try later.

USA fan

At 5:54 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

The timeout problem may be happening because you have cookies disabled. Perhaps you could try enabling cookies temporarily while you perform the transaction?

At 9:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tech question from USA: I fully allow cookies now and i have switched to paypal. Now the system takes me to checkout.

However, it now asks me to add another credit card. (ADD CREDIT CARD at top of screen) Very curious? Do you need two credit cards to buy?

I think I am ready to send an international postal money order or do Western Union money by wire.
Very frustrating.

This having been said.. SOS is still numero uno. :>

Mike of USA

At 11:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also saw the fabulous show in Alexandria driving 180 miles each way to get there and back...and I was blown away. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come back soon!!!

And I can't wait for my new CD to arrive.

Jim Weigand
Lynchburg, VA

At 2:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've tried several times with various credit cards 2 order the Live In Toyko CD without success. I've enabled cookies 4 this site. Sup wit dat, brah?

At 2:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paypal says I can send money to any email address in the UK direct. Can I buy this Tokyo gem this way? I would feel more comfortable going via the "paypal U.S. site" as a starter.

I just bought WOLG from Amazon, can't wait!!!

Once again, a great show package in Alex. VA.

At 3:24 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

...both ways appear to work fine, either direct or via the US site. Whichever gives you more piece of mind I guess...

At 2:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy: I think i found a fix for U.S. fans...

I found the British security protocals different from what I am used to, so what I did is enter PayPal from the U.S. "" site and then sent 12 pounds to "" I hope that does the trick and helps other U.S. fans !! Come back to USA soon!! Mike of Stafford, Va

At 2:42 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Mike - whatever you did, it seems to have worked. I just received your order - cheers...

At 4:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Andy, for making easy to access this CD.
guestandsons U.K.

At 10:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your music, I have most of your CD's and vids. The question I have is: Are you ever going to make it to Seattle, WA? There are a number of great smaller venues around town and outside of town for you to play in.

Keep up the good work.


-Mike in Seattle.

At 2:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am seriously impressed by the band overall sound of LIVE IN TOKYO.
Your arrangements are fresh and exciting,truly inspirational from a musical standpoint.
Thank you so much for your JOB of selling, packageing and "FASTASLIGHT" shipping.
In Italy, the place where I live, mostly of the time people don't know that you and Corinne are still active; my friends, some are musicians like me ( I am a professional drummer ),are surprized ( in a good sense!) when they listen the last albums.

At 9:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy & Co - just got my copy yesterday here in culturally bereft North Texas. Absolutely and stunningly BRILLIANT! I MUST discover a way to get SOS to North texas....MUST!

At 11:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy and Corrine: I have recived my LIT in Stafford, VA, USA in about a week. Your special service was much appreciated! The extended "breakout" was especially phenomenal!! I also just got
the new WOLG album from and could not put it down!! WOLG is the living definintion of "exotic and tropical relaxation"!! Please you must do a rendition of "Girl from Ipanema." Andy's arrangements and extras with Corrine's vocals would blow the charts away!!

All the best,
Mike of Stafford, VA

At 1:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


the band surely becomes the band when Tim's playing. I'm still soaring from his rhythm guitar on the magnificent rendition of "Breakout" on the "Live in Tokyo" record.

Well, I'm soaring from the whole album, really. Sweet stuff!

At 10:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled on to "legrandlarge" - THANK GOD! I bought the CD. I can't wait to hear that full Brazilian version of Twilight World!

Like everyone else I am a huge SOS fan. I would love to hear live versions of the following tunes:
1) Somewhere In The World
2) Don't Let Yourself Down
3) Incomplete Without You
4) Fooled By A Smile
5) Somewhere Deep In The Night
6) Alpine Crossing
7) Who's Been Sleeping
8) Where In The World
9) Mamma Didn't Raise No Fool
10) Heaven Only Knows
11) Caipirinha
12) We Could Make It Happen
13) From My Window


Of course you can play classic Swing Out Sister standards as well. I think I'm writing for many when I say you have an awesome repetoire of material to choose from! My point is your true fans love ALL of your music. A set (like the one I suggested) would also give us an opportunity to "spread the word" to our friends out there. I've also had success with writing reviews on Amazon. Now that you're going direct to the consumer, the possibilities are limitless!

At 6:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

corinne ha una voce divina ascoltatela vi fara' sognare

At 4:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SOS Please come to Denver Colorado!!!

We need you here!

I am a HUGE fan of yours, since 1990!

I never saw you live but have your live albums.

My ultimate setlist would be:

0. Intro: Shapes & Patterns

1. Don't Say A Word

2. Stoned-Soul Picnic

3. Heaven Only Knows

4. You On My Mind

5. After Hours

6. Love Won't Let You Down

7. Communion

8. Am I The Same Girl (Full Version)

9. Everyday Crime

10. Breakout

11. Precious Words

12. Heart For Hire

13. Medley:

Joe Meek's Cat/Shapes & Patterns Reprise/ Coney Island Man/ The Windmills Of Your Mind

14. Through My Window

15. Where Our Love Grows

16. Filth & Dreams

17. Ordinary People

18. La La Means I Love You

19. Better Make It Better (Shapes & Patterns Re-Mix)

20. Now Your Not Here

21. Fooled By A Smile

22. Somewhere Deep In The NIght

23. Twilight World (Re-Mix)

24. We Can Make It Happen

25. The Waiting Game

26. Notgonna Change

27. Icy Cold As Winter


You Already Know/ When Morning Comes/ Where Our Love Grows (Reprise)

At 12:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iv'e been listening to your music since 1987,I was
wondering when would you be performing in the
Washington,DC. area? I'm a sound engineer with
DC.s owned, Chuck Brown & the Soulsearchers.
It would be very interesting to do a gig with SOS
at the 930 Club.

My Email;

I'm also interrested in mixing FOH. Greg,


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